How to get involved at Impact Teens
We have our teen meetings every Thursday night @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm! If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to call Impact Futures Teen Leader, Jon Payne, at 806-350-7623!

What is Impact Teens?

We offer a free youth program. We train how to deal with peer pressure, current drug trends and Peer to Peer Training on how to answer questions that they and their friends are facing, concerning drugs. We offer the truth about substance abuse and resources to help. MOST IMPORTANTLY, our main goal is for teens to be apart of something that is bigger and greater then themselves! Something that they can stand for and be confident in! By doing this, it takes away the feeling that they have to fit in with the wrong crowd for attention or acceptance. They build healthy relationships with other teens and use the tools that they learn in the weekly teen meetings to help others instead of bringing them down. We try to help them understand bullying, self harm, and drug abuse to where they can be a positive role model and offer support to their peers in school. This allows them to not want to go down that road but instead lead those to rise above the negative influences in their life.
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LaViza Matthews,
Project Director
Drug-Free Community Coalition