I just had 910$ deducted from my Filed Federal return, on top of already disputed arrears which will probably not be returned to me, on top of them taking OVER the arrears amount due by 730$. I added both the overpayment and the return deduction and it comes out to 1640$ that they have taken from me. I called all the Child support agencies and even went down in person to fight this. They produced a payment history and even though on THEIR form it shows I have paid over the amount, they cant do anything as the OTHER system they use did not tell them this was overpaid?!?!?!?

That was not what I wanted to happen. I did a quick search in Google and found www.wegot1000.com website which helped me to get an overnight loan very fast. What a relief! It helped me to pay my utility bill on time.

Anyway, I do not know what to do from this point on. Going from what their customer service people tell me as they wont let you speak to anyone in charge besides a manager who only runs the office, is that I will be lucky if they ever find this money. Does anyone know how I might get my money? I use this money to pay for a lawyer so I won’t loose partial custody of my dear son!