I have talked to some of these father associations. The manual probably has legal information terms and law definitions.

The point is, they want money for things like that, plus the membership fees, plus this and that. They truly become just one more way for Fathers to be ripped off.

I warn those who are beginners on a case, there are lots of rersearch you can do on the internet, legal books, state web sites that would give you the same useless information that these people will.

Again, nothing will change until WE put our foot down and do public protests (peaceful). Use Elian’s court date as an excuse. Assemble thousands of fathers with banners and signs in front of the Atlanta court house. I guarantee the whole world will hear about it that same day. The word WILL get out.

By the way, the CNN Building is right around the corner from this court house, they will be there and we know that everyone else will be there.