I have to protect the persons who have contributed to the manual, one of which is the University of Missouri-Columbia. And besides, there is more then just the manual. We have board members that can be emailed with questions on you case, or if there is something in the manual you don’t understand. No one gets paid in NCFC, including myself, and I put in over 60 hours a week helping fathers. As I have for the majority of the last 12 years. I have been inactive for two years due to an illness that put me into a coma for 3 weeks. But, I am getting active once again.

I’m disable and living on SSD. My children are long since grown, and I will be a grandfather in June. I do it because there is a need. But, there is also a need to build an organization that can have more influence in State and Federal legislatures. And simply putting the manual on the Internet does not help those who are not on the Internet. And the Internet has become so vast, it is becoming more and more difficult to find specific useful information.

More then anything, and organization needs to be built to go up against the National Organization for Women, and much of the propaganda they put out. Also remember, there are other problems that need to be addressed. Public Service Announcements need to be produced addressing the issue of domestic violence against men and their children. Do you realize that violent women account for 55% of fatal child abuse committed by all individuals. Fathers account for 8%. This is an issue that needs to be addressed, but no organization, public or private, is willing to step into it. So, it will be up to organizations like NCFC to pay to have a PSA produced, and most likely will have to pay to have it aired.

Corporations don’t want to contribute to a men’s or fathers movement because of fear of what women’s groups will do to them. In 1995, Kinko’s Copy Center and Sprint Long Distance contributed $90,000 worth of vouchers for the use of video conference centers. With these vouchers, fathers whose children lived in another state could talk to, and see them at the same time. It helped address the problems of long distance visitation. But, neither corporation wanted it publicly known that they had made the contribution, because of fear of reprisals.

It is going to be a hard road to tow to get things back to a balance, but unfortunately, that is going to take money. This week alone, I spent $70 out of my Social Security check for materials to help father here in Kansas City. I am working on trying to get the local chapter back up and running again, but I can wait until after I have received money from new members to create the needed materials, I need to have them ready when I am approached for help. Hopefully I will get paid back from memberships, but that may be tomorrow, next week, or next month. In the meantime, I now have a stack of printed manuals, bound and ready for anyone who comes forward seeking help.

So, it would be nice to not have to require a membership in NCFC to receive our materials, but the fact is the money goes right back into materials and services to help fathers. Support groups are helpful, but there is a limit on how much help they can provide, whereas the national Congress for Fathers & Children supplies concise information that teaches fathers what they can be doing about their current problems, as well as be prepared for any new ones.