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Arrests can occur during protests

I am aware that arrests can occur during protests. I don’t know enough about organizing anything like this and less about what I can or cannot do.

However, I have to say, that I have been tempted to go with a sign by myself and peacefully protest at the courthouse. Of course, by myself, who cares.

Will I get arrested if they ask me to leave and I won’t? Probably.

Aren’t your Children worth it?

I know mine are 100% worth being arrested 20 times to make a point. How about your?

Issues? When can we grow?

Thanks to all who gave credible advise with my recent attack issue. I am green to the divorce club, and the reason I divorced was to remove myself and my children from dysfunctional living.

I know that time heals old wounds, but like a wound, if you understand its only temporary and the way you take care of it will determine how long the wound will last.

In short, seek that which will nurture the wound and avoid that which caused it! Positive thinking can do miracles!

I tried this and other father associations

I tried this and other father associations and they are all worthless. They did not help me in any way during my still going three year battle.

Some of them even seemed like a way to get us to spend more money on legal advice that is worthless. UNTIL WE CHANGE THE LAWS, THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN PREVENT FATHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN FROM BEING SCREWED OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


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