I just heard in the news this morning and so was reminded that Elian’s case will be heard this Thursday (tomorrow). They said protestors are starting to assemble and they expect large crowds.

All these Cuban people gather together for a march, or to protest on the streets, all for a 6 year old Cuban kid. Let me clarify I do not have anything at all against Elian. I wish him the best for him and his family.

However, we are such a sorry bunch of Dads! How can thousands of Cuban join together in protest for a 6 year old kid that is not even related to them, but WE as Fathers, can’t get together to fight for OUR OWN CHILDRENS RIGHTS!

We should be ashamed of ourselves. We should be doubling, and maybe even tripling the amount of people that protest for Elian.

When are we going to wake up. I am not a professional organizer for something like this. I don’t have any idea how to get people together to effectively gather in peaceful protest. I wish I knew how. I do know one thing, until we as Fathers become abused enough and tired enough to begin to fight for Fathers and Children’s rights, we aren’t going nowhere.

There has to be a way to get something going…

DO YOU CARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN! or is it easier to say, ” I can’t do anything until they change the damn law.”