We are part of the National Drug Free Communities working to Reduce Substance Abuse Among Teens in the Amarillo Canyon Area

Members of Impact Futures include representatives from youth and adults, parents, businesses, media, schools, youth and adult-serving organizations, law enforcement, faith-based community, civic and volunteer, healthcare, local government and other non-profit organizations. The following programs and services are offered by Impact Futures:

  1.   Town Hall Meetings

  2.    Health Fairs

  3.    Youth Events / Opportunities

  4.    Education Dissemination

  5.    Trend Mapping

  6.    Resource and Referral

  7.    Media Campaign

  8.    Monthly Coalition and Teen Meetings

  9.    Leadership Training

  10.    Community / Group Presentations

  11.    Substance Abuse and the Teen Brain


“My father abused alcohol from the earliest childhood memory that I have. I remember him hitting my mother, even when she was pregnant, causing her to miscarry 3 different times. There was even one instance when he tried to shoot her in the chest, but she pushed the gun down and the bullet went into her ankle instead. I have many more horror stories of his drunken rages. Our house and my world always seemed to be in chaos. His tantrums got worse when he was drinking; I have the scars, inside and out to prove it. The day he left I was 15. I remember being to relieved. We all cried for joy. Looking back, I am so sad, that like so many, I had no one to turn to for help. Now, as a parent of two healthy, amazing sons (who knew my story) I am blessed to say they have chosen to not abuse alcohol or anything else. They are why I work with Impact Futures. Get help for yourself or someone you know who has a problem. Save a life.”

- LaViza Matthews

You can call us anytime for any information on the following: Marijuana, Alcohol, Synthetic Narcotics, Tobacco, Prescription Drugs. Don’t hesitate to call or email us. We will answer and address all your concerns. Here are some other resources that can help you with treatment and care as well:


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LaViza Matthews, Project Director

We at Impact Futures are having our Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking on April 30, 2013 at 6pm. April is Alcohol Awareness Month and April 21st is PowerTalk 21, the national day for parents and teens to talk about alcohol. April 23rd is the Proclamation at City Hall at 3pm. *** PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ***