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Month: October 2016

I have talked to some of these father associations

I have talked to some of these father associations. The manual probably has legal information terms and law definitions.

The point is, they want money for things like that, plus the membership fees, plus this and that. They truly become just one more way for Fathers to be ripped off.

I warn those who are beginners on a case, there are lots of rersearch you can do on the internet, legal books, state web sites that would give you the same useless information that these people will.

Again, nothing will change until WE put our foot down and do public protests (peaceful). Use Elian’s court date as an excuse. Assemble thousands of fathers with banners and signs in front of the Atlanta court house. I guarantee the whole world will hear about it that same day. The word WILL get out.

By the way, the CNN Building is right around the corner from this court house, they will be there and we know that everyone else will be there.

I tried this and other father associations

I tried this and other father associations and they are all worthless. They did not help me in any way during my still going three year battle.

Some of them even seemed like a way to get us to spend more money on legal advice that is worthless. UNTIL WE CHANGE THE LAWS, THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN PREVENT FATHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN FROM BEING SCREWED OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


Divorced Dads National Association

I would join. However, I have to say that we are a bunch of whiners. Every one complains but no one takes action.

Million man march, million mom march, Pro life, pro choice, etc, etc, etc. Al we do is vent on bulletin boards. I said before on this bulletin board that we should start by going to the court house in Atlanta when Elian’s case was strong or when it is heard, to take advantage of all the publicity and maybe be heard.

Everyone wants their problem solved but no one wants to go out and protest and do marchs, etc.

Here is the news:


I wish fathers would just wake up and do something for themselves. Please apologize my frustration but for those of you who are just starting a custody fight, embrace yourself. It’s going to be a long and frustrating ride.

It depends on the laws in your state

Off the cuff replies like the previous two are neither constructive, nor helpful. Actually, the attorney may not have a choice about accepting service for her. It depends on the laws in your state. I would recommend submitting your question to:

Nat Denman Memorial Pro Se Group Self Representation (Pro Se) discussion, Questions, Answers.

The late Nat Denman was the leading authority on Pro Se work. Many of his students who used his methods successfully are on this eGroup and they can offer answers to your questions.

Is there a reason why you cannot serve her in person? If it is because there is a restraining order, then use someone else to do it. I assume you have her address, but if it is only a PO Box, then take the papers to the post office and tell them that you need her actual address in order to serve court papers.

You should also consider joining a father’s group. There are many in the US. I am a board member of one that is nationwide. The National Congress for Fathers & Children is a 20 year old organization. We provide a membership manual that covers most everything you need to know in dealing with your case, including a section on Pro Se. To see more info on it go to The latter one has sample of the manual on it.

If you have any other questions, put them here, or you can call me at (913) 385-DADS from 4-midnight east coast time.

Ok I have a stupid attorney?

My hubby filed all his paperwork at the court and now he has to serve his ex.. His paralegal told him to Ask her attorney if he will accept service for her.. Guess what Attorney said NO. My husband also asked him about some arrearages that were supposed to be agreed upon before this goes to court.

Her attorney hung up on him… So what is he supposed to do now is it ok to tell his ex he wont work with her attorney since her attorney is such an A#$ and wait till he gets in court. And can we send her papers through the mail if I am the one to sign for service? Im not sure i trust that route.. I also think her attorney is very unprofessional, That goes without saying I guess. Anyways I would appreciate any advice we can get..


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